Termanology – 50 Bodies

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It’s good to see DJs coming together and supporting a quality MC poised for a big 2007. I haven’t heard a Tony Touch mixtape in a minute, good to see him back in the fold somewhat. If you’re not familiar with DJ Deadeye thats ok…you will be soon enough. Statik Selektah you know of, of course; he’s beasting as usual…the epitome of a DJ on the grind. As for Termanology, if you follow hip hop music you should know of him but if not…take a ride with me while we blow through this bag of piff. 50 verses aka 50 bodies dig on the concept.

I could tell you about “Watch How It Go Down” and the “remix” but seeing as it was quite possibly “the” track of 2006 I shouldn’t have to. “Saga Begins” describes what so many cats go through these days…it’s ridiculous. The flow alone should inspire people. If you only pick on track of Terms to break down…this is that track. He said and I quote: “polishing my deepest thoughts”, that line got me right there. Hold up, maybe the track you should break down line for line, word for word..play, should be “100 Jewels”. And I quote: “and when you baggin’ up dimes of dro it’s better to make that loose / cause it look like its way more to these customers / they don’t understand the agenda of real hustlers.” I like that shit man. Beat wise “H.U.S.T.L.E.R” got Termanology shinning, classic bass line in that joint. “Desert Eagle” is that mixtape shit that cats like Doo Wop be talking about and cats today don’t really know how to flip properly. I’ve heard cats doing “DJ” concept tracks recently but “55 DJs” def paying homage like no other. Man, too many tracks, too many bars to really highlight them all. Shit is a warm up, use it as such cause Termanology got some new shit coming soon.

I’m gonna tell you why I fuck with Termanolgy as one of, if not “the” most anticipated MCs this year. It’s the balance in the content combined with a natural ability to flat out rhyme. Termanology is a conscience cat, tell you about the War In Iraq and how it impacts cats, George W getting over, why drugs is fucking up communities….yet he’s far from a saint and that duality is all throughout his music. That’s why he can give you block, what happens on the block, but he can tell you why the block is like it is in the same rhyme. He can tell you about not being able to see his daughter cause his baby moms gets shiesty and cats can relate. That’s real life. He can tell you about being on tour, getting dough, CDs in stores and coming back home to the same old hood, same old life. That’s real. I don’t even have to speak on the MIC skillz. Listen to one rhyme and you already know. This is a bangin’ mixtape no doubt but it’s that new shit that you gotta be looking out for. Remember…2007 is the new 1993,94 and 95 rolled into one. Lets go!