Termanology – Hood Politics IV : Show & Prove

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Let’s welcome Termanology to the Rapmullet.com review section. He’s got Clinton Sparks and Statik Selektah with him on this project. It says “Show And Prove” in the title but I think he’s already done that and then some. He already released an album, dropped a tight video for “Watch How It Go Down” and is now pushing the remix to that song. How many other MCs is his position have done that already this year? Exactly….now on to the mixtape.

There’s a line that Termanology spits from “Watch How It Go Down” that speaks volumes to the masses but it seems cats don’t get it. Here’s the line: “rap music is probably not the best career you could choose”. Amen. Rapping is not a get rich quick thing people. You think Termanolgy started rapping this year? Please, you will go broke before you get rich in this game. See, that’s Termanolgy keeping it honest with ya’ll. One of the most intense tracks I’ve heard all year is “100 Jewels”. This joint is produced by Roc Raida, mad cuts at the beginning then Termanolgy spits 100 bars like it’s nothing. Plus I didn’t hear him punch in once; straight thru bar after bar. Def my favorite track on the CD. Way too many lines to highlight you def need to hear this track. Beat wise three tracks stand out to me and they all go back to back to back. “H.U.S.T.L.E.R” has that laid back introspective vibe. Like Termanology is reflecting back on shit and you’re along for the ride. “Think It Over” has the ill vocal sample with some soulful horns front and center while “Far Away” with it’s lazy horns in the back capturing Termanology’s ode to homies locked up. Mighty Sam McClain murders the hook too; def a good look. The hook and vocals by Jordan and the beat for “Can’t Ge Enough” were tight, only thing I didn’t like was Termanology’s rhyme. I don’t know if its just me but the verses sounded mad dumb’d down and simplistic. I mean his word play was tight at times but the shit was basic as hell; “30 people, pack a desert eagle, moving a kilo, on the d-low…” you get the point. The track needs a remix verse wise. The ride out track was def with out a doubt “79 Murders”. Termanology killed that hook. (no pun) On some real honest type music peep “Good Conscience” and “Just Like Me”. More MCs need to put they life out there like that because people can def relate to these situations. The last couple of tracks on the CD were older “classics”. I still fuck with “Desert Eagle”, that’s my shit and one of the truest mixtape remakes I’ve ever heard. Tony Sunshine laces that shit.

I can’t front, the past month or so has been incredible for artist mixtapes. Remo, Esso and now Termanology. All different styles, all letting the people know that Hip Hop is not dead but growing into something better. The honesty in Termanology’s rhymes set him apart form the pack. I don’t know about the busting guns and selling drugs ect but those lines are few and far between. It’s the straight forward style of; this is who I am, this is what I’ve seen, this is what I’ve been through, this is how shit is fucked up, this is my struggle…can you dig it?