Terry Urban – How My Brain Works 2

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I see The League Crew is still in full effect. Mick Boogie globe trotting the world playing gigs dropping the Motivation Mixtapes and The Best of ’08 Cornerstone joint, Terry Urban dropping eclectic blend mixtapes too. What’s Wally Sparks been up to tho? Regardless, I didn’t listen to part 1 of this series but Crazy Chris put me up on this one and I’m always down to hear some different shit and I know Terry Urban got a crazy ear for music so…

If you love mixtapes just for sheer fact that you have a DJ manipulated and mixing and making, the music his own then you will dig this mixtape. This is Terry Urban’s musical influences right here. It’s all encompassing and to be honest to be a really good DJ it has to be beyond one genre of music. Plus his ear is sharp as hell. I know with technology it’s “easier” to manipulate music but this project has that three turntable feel with mad tempo changes and vibes with each track. AC/DC lightly rides behind the beat for Top Billing while Dream gets his shit off over the top. I mean just look at track 5. Beatles featuring Van halen & Lil Jon – All children Go To Hell. Lol it doesn’t get much diverse than that mixtape wise. When it drops tho the beat knocks. I like that Terry Urban is taking chances with the music. Too many cats play it safe and honestly no good music is gonna come out of playing it safe. I wasn’t a fan of “Beyonce’s “Emo Ladies” but it was different and for some people they will love it. I’m more of a fan of the classic rock flips. ELO? Come on man cat’s don’t know them but the mix for “Ayo Evil Woman”, although short, was sweet as hell. I had to listen to “Cream Without A Face” multiple times to appreciate it for what it is cause that bass is thick as hell. Talk about chopping a beat up and flipping it lovely. The most insane thing was when “Dougie Batteries” dropped. I’m an old school Metallica fan so I knew it was “Battery” right away but he had me fiendin’ for the break down and instead flipped it with the end of the song to end the mix. Had me diggin’ for that old album so I could hear it again. Best mix up on here tho is the short joint for “I Can’t Tell You Why Ms. Officer”. So smooth with that Eagles flip I had to repeat it like I was autistic.

There’s something on here for everyone tho, no bullshit. If not for the simple appreciation of a creative mix. Some mixes might annoy you but you will def find ones you love. And the thing is you can’t ask for much more than that from a well-made mixtape. The main thing that makes this project better than most is the little things. The vocal sample that plays for 20 seconds behind the mix, the interludes that lend to Terry Urbans personality. You really want to know how Terry Urban’s brain works? Like an artist painting a picture.

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djcc | January 10, 2009 1:41 PM

glad you reviewed this one chew!!

great tape!!