Tha Advocate – Point of No Return

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Welcome the Advocate to the Rapmullet review section. If you don’t know we’ve already heard him on numerous MIC Check mixtapes so far but this is the first solo artist mixtape I’ve gotten to review. The joint is hosted by DJ Bedtyme and Remy Ma, shout to Remy too going thru that situation right now. One could even say she went past the point of no return but let’s stay positive.

“Air It Out” is deep but it’s def speaking to the state of Hip Hop, I can dig the message in the hook but it didn’t flow that smooth to me. Tha Advocate getting his word play off on “Talk 2 U”. I’m def a fan of MCs that use words to their advantage; the hook was proper too. I’m fucking with “Substance” too. The title pretty much speaks for itself in regards to todays ringtone rap. Concept wise I don’t think I’ve heard another joint like “The Lense”. Again I dug the message in the hook but the flow was choppy…dope ass concept regardless. She’s A Hoe” with Diz added a lil character to the mix, cats have fun with it. I had that “Get Lo/Threats” freestyle on rewind for a minute…that raw focused intensity. Beat wise That Advocate laced “Life Song”. I fuck with that sample, it gives off a crazy vibe.

This is a CD that grew on me. Off the first listen I was like “shit was cool” and that’s about it but once you start to break down the science of the songs it gets a lil deeper and you can see what Tha Advocate is all about which in one word is lyrics. You take the conviction in which he spits, along with the stories and message he’s trying to get across and you got a dope MC. I think the flow is choppy at times and he can hit you with some “run-on” bars but you have to admire an MC who knows exactly who they are and what they want to accomplish. I still think he needs work to be a complete MC, meaning finding that happy medium between flow, lyrics, message, delivery, harmony and hook…every time out the booth. Shit most MCs these days are looking for that happy medium but one difference is Tha Advocate sounds hungry enough to actually work at achieving it.