Tha Riot Squad & Scoob Doo – Riot Or Diet 2 : Starvation Army

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I’ve been bumping this all weekend man. Shit is crazy. I pulled up to the weed spot with this joint playing, had mad cats fiendin’ for a copy. “Sorry my brother…you got’s to get your own.” I got my lil $20 sack and bounced. If you don’t think Stack Bundles and Tha Riot Squad have a cult like following you’re an asshole. Ain’t no fluff and “B”, radio type bullshit on any release they ever put out…just that rawness, that pure hip hop music for the block. You gotta love this shit!

Wait till you hear “We R”. Stack Bundles man, it gets no better right now. Nod your head to this or get fucked up…it’s like that. “Lookin” is that rewind track. This beat right here is the epitome of hustling off the beeper music. Bynoe and Cau2g$ were born to spit on “Riot Jack”. Jacking all classic beats…shit Bynoe on “Ain’t No Half Stepping” is enough alone. “R.R.S” is that Riot Squad energy you fiend for…syringe sold seperately. “Bundles!” is a straight classic mixtape flip. Cats reppin’ they homie like no other. If you’re still not fucking with Bynoe and Mary J. Blige on “Pain” I don’t think you’re a hip hop fan…and that’s the truth. The track cats were going nuts over at the weed spot was “I’m Telling U”. Shit is kinda mellow but by the second chorus cats was singing that shit. Ransom slide thru to lace a verse like only he can do too. “When I was young fuck a Tonka truck I used a shank for toys”…that’s Bynoe going in on that track. I got the Bose joints in the ride so you know this shit sounds good as hell too. One track I couldn’t fuck with was “Hate Or Love” with Hot Rod. This shit was kind of bland and honestly Hot Rod ain’t that hot on the MIC. The “flow of the century” Cau2g$ leaves you fiendin’ with “Concrete Jungle”.

Go support these cats man, for real. Projects like this is one reason I fuck with mixtapes. I’m a blend head to death but ain’t nothing like getting an all artist mixtape that cats are sleeping on as you’re theme music for a month. Especially when its Tha Riot Squad. One thing with every single Riot Squad mixtape is there is a track for everyone. I don’t know one person who has listened to one of there joints who doesn’t come back and say “yo, such and such is my shit!”. This project is no different.