The CEO – The Best Of OC

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O.C is in the place to be. The title of the CD had me perplexed because it doesn’t really tell you who did the CD but I can tell you it’s mixed by The CEO. I don’t know who that is but he’s def mixing and letting the skills get loose a little something. Now for those that don’t know who O.C. is I can only shake my head and tell you to step ya hip hop knowledge up ten fold. On to the music.

Who here fucks with D.I.T.C? I remember that poster/sticker they had before there album was dropping with all of ’em in black with the chains on sitting around a table, shit was cool. See “The Enemy” for a quick DITC lesson. The CEO got some new OC? “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” is classic OC to the core. Just by the title you can figure out what the three verses are about. One of the best things about this CD is the pristine live versions of tracks like “My World”. Usually live versions got mad air and/or crowd noise but The CEO got some quality audio. You can’t have an OC mixtape without playing “Times Up”. “You lack the minerals and vitamins/ irons and niacin.” When you hear these lines over that ill ass bass you know what it’s all about. “Man vs. Many” is a slept on jewel people, Mic Geronimo and Royal Flush lend a hand but OC takes the shine. Probably the most know DITC joint is “Day One”, classic beat people do the history. Best track of the CD to me is “Dangerous” live with Lord Finesse on the ad-libs and they even let Big L’s verse rock too.

I like what The CEO did with this project, he def let the music get the shine while he just played the back and spun the music. It’s all about OC people. The skills were cool, cuts in the intro were more annoying then anything but after that The CEO caught his vibe. I’m digging out my old DITC album right now and I’m adding this CD to the collection with a quickness, the shit is def cop’able.