The Foundation – Still In the “G” Mixtape 1.5

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Let’s keep our mixtape tour going people. We out in Indiana fucking with The Foundation, welcome to Rapmullet. Real Recognize Real Records people, I know I’ve read about these cats somewhere because I remember that name I just can’t call it.

“Warning Shot” is not the track you want to start you mixtape off with. Not that the shit is wack, it’s ok but that old ROC beat is dead and the vocals was too loud for my taste. Plus you don’t know who they giving the warning shot too. Sydewayz on “Day One” owned that beat from “Hustlin”, talk about a presense on the MIC, damn! “Hood 2 Hood” is the ultimate posse cut. Father Tyme murdered this joint too, he punched in mad times but the shit was fly. I still don’t know how I feel about “One And Only”. The singing on the beat was cool; the rhyme took me by surprise. I mean the joint is extra soft on some LL Cool J “I Need Love” type shit. Nothing wrong with it but after all the braggadocio and guns ect you wanna lay up with a bitch? The second dude who rhymed was more so spitting game; the first dude was too lovely with it in my opinion. Best track was “You Don’t Really Want It”. Novacaine ripped this shit apart and the hook was proper like. On some sleeper/ come up type shit peep “Da Introduction”, home girl got flow.

Young Rilla did his thing on the outro; this joint should’ve been near the top man. Honestly The Foundation got potential. I think this particular CD suffered from bad song placement and couple played out “known” beats. The rhymes are there, the hunger is there too. I know these cats are heavy in there hood and that’s real important building the fan base.