The Govament – Election Day

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Pittsburg PA is in the building right now. Most def a lot of talent out there from MCs to DJs. One of the most slept on cities for Hip Hop but their movement out there is getting strong and gaining more and more recognition. Welcome The Gov to the review section and welcome back DJ Shef. I know the mixtape heads are waiting for Shef to cook up another blend CD…just had to throw that in there. The project is called Election Day and well, lets just see if their worthy of you vote.

Let’s get the introductions out there so cats know the names of the MCs in the group. From left to right of the CD cover: S. Money, Boaz, HardyMez, Young Nizzy and Kev Tha Hustla. Piece Piffington sets off the CD, that into was actually type dope; giving you a preview of what you’re about to hear. Some cats hate chopped hooks or think their played out but to the contrary. I fuck with them.(no RIAA) “Puffin On the Purp” is a smoked out track and stays true to the name of the track. That right there shows they got their shit together for me. It may seem simple to you but today’s MCs couldn’t flip a smoker’s concept song if they were given a free Premier beat and a pound of kind bud. The horns and strings were killing me on “Frontline”. That track has an old 70’s classic funk feel to it and the bass was the shit; plus the hook had me feeling like it was a 2007 version of “Eye For An Eye”. This is my favorite track so far, S. Money went in on that beat too, had to rewind that one. “What You Say” got that head nod factor to it. Dude said and I quote: “I’m ghetto so I rock my opened toes with some socks”, hahahaha, I still do that shit, catch me taking out the garbage and going to get the mail like that…classic. Back to the concept records…”Flatline” is album material hands down. The cat who spit the second verse was saying some ill shit..and I quote” that 6 X 9 pine box from a spine shot / ‘ll get Amadu, look man what I’ma do”. Cat’s beasting on the MIC. “Don’t Spill My Drink” was hilarious, the beat could’ve been better but I like that concept.

Big shout to DJ Shef for pulling this project together, showing skills and making this an actual mixtape. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again when a mixtape is actual mixed it sounds that much better. As for The Govament…they have the raw talent record labels should be looking for. Content wise they don’t stray far from the block but it’s conveyed in a witty well versed way and more than holds your attention throughout. They showed me then can flip a concept record and make it their own while the production compliments and rounds out their sound. Election Day isn’t over yet but The Govament is def winning the race.