The Italian Job – Tonz Of Gunz

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Shout to DJ Chong Wizard on the mix and Roc B laces the beats. Smif N Wessun are hosting and rightfully so. Maybe it’s just the time I came up in hip-hop but when I think of Brooklyn and hip-hop, I don’t think Jay Z or Biggie. I think Duck Down, The Boot Camp Click and Tapekingz. I give cats credit too cause while the aforementioned MCs went that commercial route The Boot Camp Click stayed doing what they do best and that’s straight up raw rhyming with no compromised.

On some new Smif N Wessun shit “Rain, Sleet, Hail, Snow” knocks like sheriffs serving subpoenas. If you own their first album, which any hip-hop fan should, and you hear this joint it’s one in the same. Raw hip-hop at it’s finest. This mixtape is really about showcases the production of Roc B so that’s where the focus is review wise. “Crystal Stair” got that knock too but it’s polished piano loop that gets you open. Talib sounded dope ass hell over that too. Remixing a classic like “How Many Emcees” isn’t easy. What Roc B did tho was capture Buckshot’s flow perfectly. It plays well off the original beat and you can tell that by simply listening to that scratched hook ride over that joint. My favorite joint on here easily was “No Comparison”. You want to talk about melodic. Shit…rewind! And if you forgot, Buckshot got bars for days. I’m diggin’ the energy on Sean Price’s “60 Bar Dash”. A lil more up-tempo but that flute sound or whatever that was killed it and had me like a fiend on the floor for days.

When most people think Blackmoon, or Smif N Wessun, or the whole Boot Camp Click it’s all about that head nod. Raw ass beats, straight forward rhyming and a bunch of cats noddin’ their heads. That’s BCC to me, all head nod and an appreciation of lyrical skills. Roc B captures that essence with the production and that’s why the mixtape sounds as good as it does.