The Middle Man

Avoid the middle man at all costs. That includes signing with a major record label. They are essentially middle men at this point. And they are becoming obsolete.

You think that major will get your record on the radio and get you on TV and they might but that doesn’t mean you will be a success. That’s old world media that major label access used to control. Its manufactured hype that used to sell over priced CDS. You remember or at least the real fans do. Chew and I were copping bootlegs like everyone else but I still got the CD. The same way cats brag about getting those J’s first, that’s how a true fan feels when you’re the first one with the latest album.

See the middle man saw an opportunity to make some money. They will do everything for an artist all while taking the lions share of the profit. They preyed on the lazy artist under the guise of “we’ll let you be the creative artist and handle the business for you”. You can’t be successful this way. Or rather you won’t enjoy the ultimate success.

You have to do all the work when you’re starting out. Creating, distributing, building relationships. Then if you’re music is good enough and as you build a fan base you can then build you’re team. A manager, a tech person, people with experience in the music industry that understand the old model is dead and people who understand how the internet works. Its a long process, it changes year to year, month to month you have to adapt and be able to change…all while creating good music.

If you think you need a middle man just look to the mixtape game. There’s a few factors that contributed to its demise. The death of the CD format, internet downloads/connections ect. But really it was the middle man. It was distributors that sucked the life out the game. They are what the major record labels are today. They controlled distribution. They had the connections to stores online and off. They were willing to put in the work to ship CDs and deal with collecting and tracking down the money for the CDs. This was/is part of the mixtape game that broke many a DJ. The middle man came at a price tho and eventually the middle man was making more money then the DJ. Sound familiar? They helped squeeze every last cent out of the Mix CD to the point it wasn’t even worth the trouble. We should know, Mixtapekings was one of those middlemen. We offered national distribution for Dj’s who were sick of being local. And how I’d the Dj combat the long reach of the website? They started pushing their product for $.75 – $1.25! Now artists are signing and taking 360 deals.

The future has no middle man. Its you, your team and your fans. In the immortal words of KRS-ONE, “That’s it, that’s all, solo, single, no more, no less”.