The Original Mission

Below is our Rapmullet original mission statement from when the website was first designed around 2003/2004.


If you submitt a cd to it may or may not be reviewed and it definitely won’t be returned.


RAPMULLET was created in order to service the mixtape consumer. We have never been paid, promised any favors, nor are we indebted to sponsors or manager/production teams to provide a good review for DJ’s they are affiliated with. DIMEZ and BIG CHEW are the sole owners/administrators and every opinion expressed within this domain is a direct reflection of its creators. RAPMULLET distinguishes itself from other sites that provide mixtape reviews by not only highlighting the positive in a CD, but we will also make it our mission to inform our readers of the portions of each CD that are not up to consumer standards. Upon receipt, each CD reviewed will be listened to with assiduousness and evaluated according to the well-regarded standards of RAPMULLET. Through this process it is our objective to provide our readers with a superior method of assessing CDs by their preferred DJs. In regards to the industry, RAPMULLET would like to provide the DJs with an honest opinion. We are not friends or retailers. RAPMULLET is the invention of mixtape FANS!

Dimez & BigChew