The Superfriends – Because Of Us : The Essential Ne-Yo reMixtape

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Now for the slower mixtape people of the world…The Superfriends consist of DJ Mars, Bobby Black and DJ Skillz. This is the essential Ne-Yo reMixtape people. Ne-Yo most def does his thing on the R&B; and songwriting side of things. It’s good music people…enjoy that shit.

“Aint Think Bout You” is smooth. Ne-Yo most def got that Mike Jack vibe going on with that one and the fact they brought in the original Mike Jack joint “Baby Be Mine” just proves that. Honestly tho, who can fuck with Michael Jackson from the early 80’s? “Lets Chill” was smooth too; blending Ghostface’s “Chez La Ghost” on some beat on beat live shit. No lie Ne-Yo sounds good live…usually live cuts sound horrible but dude def sings his ass off. “Stay” got a knock to it tho too. On the flip side…the “Sexy Love” blend was kind of tired. The second beat opened it up a lil bit but the first beat didn’t capture anything form the vocals. Blend wise “So Sick” was that shit…that’s how you keep the vibe alive from the vocal and thug it out a lil bit. “Girl On Girl” is my shit…no literally girl on girl action is the wheel. Lol, but the blend was cool too, def need to rewind this one. On the songwriting tip…”When Your Mad” is classic. That shit is honest, catchy and he gave the people some shit they can relate to. That’s how you write a song.

On the mixtape side of things this joint packs a punch. It’s short and to the point; no bullshit filler just hits blended well for the most part with some live cuts added for good measure. With so many DJs doing Hip Hop artist mixtapes and just using album leaks and over used internet cuts it’s refreshing to hear some DJs take an over-used mixtape concept and add their own style to it. Give you the hits from the artist in a way that doesn’t fuck with the original music but in the end just adds to it…compliments it and that’s really how shit should be done.