Tity Boi – Trap-A-Velli 2: The Residue

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First and foremost this project is hosted by Bigga Rankin shout to that man for keeping proper mixtape hosting alive. Always thorough always hood fantastic. I don’t know what ya’ll be listening too but this mixtape right here is the hardest most concrete mixtape in the streets right now. Not Jeezy, not Gucci…nobody.

Tity Boi has that same appeal that N.O.R.E had when he dropped The War Report. Nothing slick about Tity Boi’s bars, just straight forward, no excuses, no bullshit raw rhyming. It’s probably the most ignorant mixtape I’ve heard all year and I love that. Someone has to fill that lane and right now Two Chainz is running it like a vet.

Track wise the whole mixtape could be a dope boy anthem. Trap Houses all around the world just got a hard on cause this is their theme music. “Kitchen” is self explanatory. It’s dope (pun) but its def not the best track on here. Where “Kitchen” cooks it up “Get It In” is a lesson in excessive-ness. Is that even a word? Who gives a fuck cause Tity Boi gettin’ it in. That hook catchy like tity sweat in the strip club. My joint tho was “Up In Smoke”, the beat…smoke-a-licious. Had my rear view mirror shaking like a dope fiend. You know Two Chainz AKA Hair Weave Killer couldn’t let the ladies slide without an anthem. “Boo” fills that void and truthfully this song got some wisdom to it..”I just call her Boo, I don’t know her whole name, keep it on the low mane, all we eat is lo mein”. Hahaha that hook is classic. My sleeper track is “I Been Hustlin”. If I was still hustlin’ this would be the anthem right here. Drumma Boy on the beat killed it too.

This is that un-apologetic hip hop about as authentic as it can be served up. We need music like this, matter of fact we need more of it. Tity Boi got a damn near classic mixtape with this one. If you can’t fuck with it you might be a lil limp wrist-ed. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…but (Riley Freeman voice) ni99a u gay.