Torae – Daily Conversation

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Torae is NYC, he rhymes, has this project out. Is it any good? Let’s find out.

I fuck with that intro. Torae just introduced himself to the listener and then spit acid for a minute fifteen flippin’ more words than ‘Rivi’ Ayala flipped bodies. “Callin’ Me” should be all MCs theme music; the true tale of a MC fiend who can’t seem to put down the MIC…hence the title of the song. If you ever thought hip hop was dead in NYC listen to this joint. Then one yourself for the hell of it. Eric G. on the beat doing his thing too. We should all be familiar with “Click”; Skyzoo adding bars and Premo on the beat…a late 2007 anthem. “Think About It” got that knock…another Eric G produced joint. Teflon was a great fit on this one too, both MCs kept it rugged and witty with the punch lines. I like the attitude on the Black Milk produced “Switch”; Torae just switching flows for the hell of it…MIC skills people, it’s a lost art. “Specialize in rhyme-versitiliti”…slick. Just being honest with it, I wasn’t really diggin’ Khrysis production like that but he got it right on “The Nigguz Is Comin” with Tash sliding thru. If I have to tell you about “Get It Done” with Skyzoo featuring then you’re not a hip hop head. I def think those two should do a mixtape together tho, call it “Daily Conversations from The Corner Store”. I like the direction of “Taylor Made”, the concept record is making a strong come back in 2008 people. If you’re not saying something important then you might as well be rhyming in German.

Torae is an integral part of this “rebirth” of quality music…in the east especially. Cats aren’t about to get rich tho, those days of million dollar joint venture deals are long gone. Thing is I think Torae knows this and has positioned himself to “make a good living” for the future all while “making good music”…something a major label in 2008 will not allow an “artist” to do. “Flow is pure heroin”…to borrow a line from “Casualty”, but still I’m not about to nit pick shit. I will however make it known that this project shows Torae is a top notch MC. Content wise it’s a steady course of slick, “MCs can’t fuck with me” and it’s presented on some real shit. I can dig it, but for 2008 that shit is old hat, we know you better than cats, we know you can rhyme, so it now becomes a case of can you really really say something and get that message to the masses.