Triboro – Carpe Diem

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I gotta be honest…I’m loving what has been coming out of NYC in the last couple months when it comes to new music. Not from the big dogs but the up and comers are onto something. I always thought that once NYC MCs stopped worrying about being NYC MCs then they would start to climb back to the top of the rap game. With that said, enter Triboro.

Triboro consists of four MCs. Frsh Aire from Harlem, Sean Conn from Queens and Elus and Verse both from the Bronx. Hence the name of the group Triboro. I’m diggin’ that groups are coming back into play right now too.

Seize the Day is the mixtape AKA Carpe Diem and that’s exactly what Triboro did with this project. DJ Mr. President held the project together, skills and all. Props to that man. Def a couple stand out songs on here. GAME OF LIFE is filled with jewels. Any time MCs want to reflect and bring some life lessons to the table I’m all for it. The one track that spoke to me was CHOICES. If only we could get more rhymes about goals and well…choices. The youth needs to be exposed to joints like this as opposed to the crap repeated on the radio. That hook is the shit too. This is exactly how you make a dope track that heads will fuck with but there’s an underlying message. Can’t be a mixtape without some mixtape flips. Frsh Aire breaths new life into MIRROR MIRROR. Questioning where all the past MCs who used to inspire have gone. Elus gets after Alicia Keys joint on UN-THINKABLE. “Fans been programed like Nicki Minaj flow”…true. That flip has soul in it people. I’m fucking with FRIENDS too. Enough knowledge in the songs I highlighted so far to fill a book. I think cats ate up that HA HA FREESTYLE joint too. Just straight raw rhyming, showcasing the flows and the MIC skill.

For me and I would imagine most this is the introduction to Triboro and it does exactly what it’s intended to do. Showcasing four skilled MCs on a proper mixtape who can rhyme….honestly, with feeling, with a message and it all sounds good. That’s what NYC music used to be about and with any luck what its future is gonna be thanks to Triboro for seizing the day.