Tru Life & J-Love – Tru York

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2007 is the new 1994. You think I’m lying? Please, besides the late fourth quarter of 2006 the year was lame for good music. Should be a law if your music is not up to par you get fucked in the ass by a big ass gay jail cat on death row. Then we’ll see who puts out proper hip hop music. One thing artist need realize is you don’t need to be all over mixtapes to stay relevant and you don’t need to even drop a mixtape that often but when you do it needs to be able to feed the streets and keep em full. Tru Life dropping at the right time to be honest. I give him credit because he’s one MC that def knows who he is on the MIC. If it’s one MC in NYC you can actually believe…its Tru Life.

J-Love is on the mixtape so you know this shit is gonna have the corners going crazy. “Gangsta Shit” is just that. I’m not really for all the Dipset “diss” tracks. Diss sounds so corny to me by the way. “Oh shit you dissed me”, who cares…but I will def give Tru Life his props on how to clown MCs properly. Flow wise, “If U Want To” was cool as a fan. Tru Life stepping up his hook game I see. Max B is def in a fucked up situation but all in all that “Phone Call” skit was funny. “Balllllin’!” I’m fucking with “Dips Is Over” on some true school mixtape track type shit. No one rhymes over “Bridge Is Over” anymore, that joint was fresh. “NY LA” was corny to me man and it sounded forced like a mutha fucka. They need a better beat for this type of shit. Cats might think “In Dem Jeans” was over the top but that shit was just like how 50 did Ja back when he was killing mixtapes; and it was creative too. Diss tracks aside…”Doors Go Up” got hit potential and I’m fucking with the word play too. “Scarface” and “Family Portrait” are showing that Tru Life is bout to drop some shit when his album comes out. If you can’t see the versatility in dude you blind man, either that or your also deaf. “Thank You” gotta be the best track I heard to end a mixtape.

I like the set up for Tru Life right now. He drops a bangin’ mixtape, stiring a lil controversy and showing that he has the ability to make good music. Not that I doubted he could but just off his last mixtape I got the feeling that he still needed to prove himself and the fact NY cats hoped on the New New York shit right away it fucked with the vibe of it all. He released just the right amount of new music on this CD and he gave the streets enough mixtape tracks to run with for a minute. If the mixtape was any better I might be telling you his album bout to fall victim to the mixtape curse but it’s looking like Tru Life bout to be an integral part of 2007 being the new 1994.