Trujillo – The Appetite: Old Skool Young Ni**a Vol. 2

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I got an appetite for some dope music…and maybe some pancakes with a side of bacon too. Some OJ maybe. If you don’t already know those Crown City boys don’t play and Trujilo is an integral member of the crew. This is where I would tell you to tuck your chain but really you need to tuck your rhyme book cause Trujilo got an appetite for weak MCs.

I say this in the most heterosexual way possible…Trujillo got one of the best voices of any MC in the game. You always stand out from the pack when your voice is dope and that’s just another thing Trujillo has going for him. That intro def set the tone for the project but in all honesty, shit didn’t really heat up for me till “Eat Ya Food”. I think it was the energy mixed with Dub Floyd bringing that shit back like a track should be brought back…”Freddy Krueger in a Supra I’m a mover”! I don’t know man, this track has it all…hook, bars, anthem, skills, shit talking. I was def open. Camiliano laces the hook for “Doin The Damn Thing”. I fuck with this track too. Rod Da Blizz freaking the horns for “What to Do Now”. Shit’s got a crazy vibe. The hardest track on here tho by far is “Hungrier Than Ever”. Damn, those piano’s compliment Trujillo’s voice crazy…somebody get me a neck brace. Trujillo adds some variety to that monotone flow with “Whatcha Life Bout”. I wanna hear more joints like this one. That sleeper track is “This Is It”. The picture painted is deep on this one, Trujillo spittin’ those vivid bars.

I think most cats know we rate the mixtape as a whole, not just the MC. With that said, this is how an artist mixtape should be. This is the blueprint people. Dope ass production, bars to match, concepts for days, a co-sign from a big dog (Camillo), a proper cover and a dope ass DJ (Dub Floyd) to bring it all together. For me Dub made this mixtape “street certified”. It’s the timing, the proper highlighting of tracks that bring all the pieces described above into one cohesive project. Not to mention that “eating an apple mixed with chips” drop they used throughout. I wish we could get more people to listen to projects like this. You gotta dig deep now a days but the Rapmullet spot light is shinning on Trujillo right now to make it a little easier to find that kush in a sea of dirt weed.