Twizted Mind – The Problem

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Welcome Twizted Mind to the Rapmullet review section. He’s been here before in DJ G-Spot reviews but this is a solo run. I think this project dropped last year too but fuck it good music stands the test of time…right? Let me answer for you…most def it does stand the test of time. Peep the cover; it’s a play off Jay-Z’s quote from the Backstage DVD…MC eating Apple Jacks, writing that heat looking to take his spot. It’s a dope concept for a mixtape and you know he’s got to get busy over some Jay Z beats too.

“Apple Jackz” was cool as a fan…and that hook was crazy as cat shit…”In between bites of my Apple Jackz”. The joint where you can really really see the MIC skillz is on “Nevasaleahtick”…he goes flow flow with both Jay Z and Jaz O joints from “Ni99a What”. I’m always looking for balance on an artist mixtape cause most is all braggin’ and boastin’ so when you hear a joint like “Pray’n 4 Strength” you appreciate it. Twizted Mind sounding out three different characters on this track if that ain’t versatility I don’t know what it. Cats say Twizted Mind got a Jay Z kinda of sound to his shit, hence this project, but to me his flow got that Cormega potential. I’m listen to “Hell N Back” and the way he’s putting words back to back is very Cormeg-esque, very poetic. There’s a few mixtape flips on here, the best is “Now Or Never”…the punching in and out works for dude cause it highlights the lines and peep when the breakdown hits…that’s a veteran MC right there. Beat wise The Black Heads laced most of the original production. I dug the soul coming outta “Elementary”, that’s a good sound for dude while “C.O.B” sounded forced to me for whatever reason.

The mixtape is aptly titled. What’s funny to me is Twizted Mind knows he really is a problem; the confidence on the MIC is unwavering. I hear a lot of dope MCs who are well rounded skills wise; he’s def one of them. I guess at this point it’s really all about finding dope production and catching some breaks because the MIC skills are undeniable.