Two Five – Who Is Two Five?

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Welcome 2-5 to I’ve read about 2-5 before, heard a track or two but there is nothing like getting a full length mixtape to see what’s really good. This joint is a Unit that Mixes colabo which is always good exposure. Credit Future Star Music Group on that one, doing big things. Anyway, I don’t give a fuck that 2-5 is related to 50 Cent and I don’t think 2-5 gives a fuck either.

“All I Need ” is a mixtape and a computer, couple hits of a roach and glass of Alize’ and the reviews start flowing. Truth be told I thought “Illest Turned Iller” with BIG was gonna be the shit but naw homie not even close. “All I Need” is tough as nails. Any true smoker, any cat that used to truly chill in a cipha will tell you 2-5 describes the shit to a T. My favorite shit is “Focused “, peep that shit man…damn! No need to pump that joint up it speaks for itself. “New Kid” got me on the highway something fierce, the soft tone on the hook and the ad libs kinda sound like 50 to me though. Ok, so 2-5 can rhyme but the shit that killed me was his flow on “Stay Fly”. That’s the joint that tells me he can adapt on a track and make it pop off with any MC. I don’t know why more MCs didn’t spit on the beat for “Gangstas Do It”. I’m not gonna tell you though you gotta cop the CD to hear that shit.

I’m not gonna front on ya’ll, I wasn’t trying to hear shit when I heard 50 Cent had a cousin that spit. I’m a believer though man, no question. 2-5 got some shit for ya’ll, don’t sleep. He on that hood music and it’s working lovely. I don’t know if 2-5 is looking for mass appeal but he has the potential to run the streets for minute; time will tell.