Tyte Wurk – Secrets of the South

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Clap ya keyboards one time for Tyte Wurk people and welcome them back to the Mullet. If you aren’t yet up on their song “Mary Jane” then you missed the god damn boat. That joint is the ultimate smokers anthem, roll it, lite it up and take a trip on the enterprise man. “I’m giving her all she’s got captain!” With all the east coast dick licking going on right now (shakes head) it’s always refreshing to bring it back down south and hear some original ass music. I’ve had this CD for a minute and I know cats been cursed my name a few times by now but you can’t rush perfection, especially in the south.

I hear them mention at the beginning of the CD about Tyte Wurk being in Ozone Magazines “Patiently Waiting” section. I gotta tell you, it cats are waiting around for a deal you done lost already. Might need to change the title of that section cause these artist obviously weren’t waiting around for Ozone to come by and give ’em some shine. Can you dig it? I knew you could. Tyte Wurk on their mixtape shit people. “I Like Dat” is that nasty, tongue in ya baby moms ass music. Follow that shit up with “My Bedroom” and you def got that “Marvin Gay Hip Hop” music thing going on. Nasty sex rhymes aside the flows on this track are crazy. If you listen to this song and can’t hear the potential hit records you’re ear for music is dead in the middle of little Italy. I could say the same for “Yea, Yea, Yea”. Dirty Black owns this track, plus he sounds like he would give Ludacris a run for his money swagger wise. “What It Is” got that block music/trap music vibe too it, plus Blood Raw is on it so you know cats got product to push. “Mary Jane” got me wanting to take a ride down to Alabama and she what cats is smoking to make a track like this. Rounding out the CD you got “Aquafina” on that slow flow. You can’t tell me this ain’t that late night high outta ya mind shit. Dudes was hitting high notes on this joint too. In keeping with the versatility of the CD you got that stripper anthem with “Make It Clap “. I def wanna see a yooker “pop a headstand and grab cash with her ass”. The hook is infectious as well, you might just catch the clap fucking with this joint.

First off shout to DJ Colock for being the glue holding this project together, mixing most of the transitions, showing a lil skill and keeping shit moving. We on the net so here go the link www.tytewurk.net. These cats right here are part of the new crop of MCs that will usher in a new age for southern hip hop. If there’s one group on the independent side of things that has the potential to come with a hit record and make some serious dough, this is that group. I always say I don’t like comparing MCs to other MCs but Tyte Wurk is a mixture of Ludacris’ lyrical swagger, a lil bit smoked out pimpin’ from Devin The Dude, a dash of Jeezy on that trap shit; bake at 350 degrees for an hour and you got a whole lot of southern hip hop soul.