U-N-I – Fried Chicken & Watermelon

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Welcome U-N-I to the Rapmullet review section. One of the best things about doing what we do here at Rapmullet is getting projects like this sent to us. Just when you think you’ve heard all you can take of the many pause tapes flooding the world today with lame “exclusives” you get an artist mixtape that makes you appreciate the art of the mixtape again. I say “art” of the mixtape because when done properly the artist mixtape is truely an art form that is not only about good music but also great promotion. For those that don’t already know U-N-I is made up of Y-O and Thruzday, and they hale from Inglewood California. Is it me or does Cali have some of the dopest MCs bubbling on the low right now? California is def active. It’s really all about balance in the music and that’s exactly what U-N-I is bringing to the game.

“The Launch” is deep. The half spoken-word rhyme into to this track said more about the hip hop world than all the albums put out so far this year combined. “The renaissance cannot continue without true creativity, so I compose this soliloquy to help you see it more vividly.” I could quote the whole thing really but you will have to listen to hear it all. When that beat drops for real tho…it’s truly the launch; the CD couldn’t be set off any better. The word play is sharp on “Soul Hop” all while giving you different vibes through the hook, the singing and Y-O and Thurzday trading bar for bar on the last verse. “Let Me Be” is that head nod. Swiff D on the beat causing convulsions with those hand claps while cats just bug out over the top lyrically…classic hip hop. Many a cat can relate to the soulful “Knock On Wood”. The story telling in the rhymes are def vivid and the line in the hook about “I’m in the room straight shittin’ a brick” had me rollin”. Hearing a girl who’s not really your girl tell you her period’s late will do that to you. One “theme” throughout this project is cats are just having fun…which is rare. Peep “Fat Girl”, shit is feel good music with lines like “you got your own zip code in the city / you could probably play tether ball with your tity” and “at five feet tall / from a distance you look like a medicine ball”. Fat girls def need love too and the song is all in good fun and even comes with a disclaimer at the end. “Castlevania” is a risk beat wise, but cats need to take chances to push this music forward. Just from the title you can tell what the sample is for the beat and the video game reference on the hook…”it’s like up, down, up, down a, b, left, right..”; classic. “K.R.E.A.M” has that classic flip to it beat wise but the energy is crazy on this one. Cats breaking down their sneaker game type lovely.

If you’re a fan of hip hop music there is no reason why you wouldn’t be a fan of U-N-I. Like I said above they’re providing that balance. Y-O and Thruzday just being themselves on the MIC, no fantasy or outrageous tales, just two cats with MIC skills telling it from their perspective with some humor, a message and some soul. It’s just like Dave Chappelle said in part of the intro…”if you don’t like Fried Chicken and Watermelon something is wrong with you mutha fucka”…and thats the truth.