U-N-I & Ro Blvd – A Love Supreme

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Listening to this is like waking up to a bright ass sunny day, feeling good, eating a strong breakfast, and finding $20 as you walk outside your building. Music is good in’09…and balanced. If you disagree then you’re listening wrong.

I don’t know who from U-N-I sent me that “Fried Chicken & Watermelon” mixtape back in ’07 but THANK YOU! And yes, The Mullet was up on U-N-I before most of you “trend” setting bloggers.

Back to this musical deep breath tho. We’ve been living in a very formulaic hip-hop landscape right now. Too many MCs trying to fit the mould set forth by the rappers of the late 90s, still trying to sell albums. It starts and ends with the music and U-N-I gets that. Make music that like-minded people can relate to and rhyme about who you are…the real you. Listen to “My Life” and just relate. Let that hook uplift and inspire you while the flip of that “Starlight” sample make you feel it that much more. “Windows” is my pre-summer anthem and it’s got some good ass life advice in it too with a beat that’s as hard as concrete. “Lately” got cats reminiscing about certain females; pulling hair and eating pussy…among other things, those two just stood out the most to me. I’m a womb broom connoisseur from way back. Lol

Now we get to the meat of the project. “Pulp Fiction Pt1” breaks down an all too familiar story for most and if you can’t relate to this, you haven’t been through it or at least contemplated it. We all have known our own “Hector Ramon” types at some point in life. “Voltron” is that track that highlights the fact U-N-I can rhyme their asses off. Mic skills for day people ya’ll need to recognize in a serious way. “Hammertime” might be the jewel of the project. It’s all high energy, rapid flows and a catchy ass hook; def more of that feel good music. Speaking of feel good…”Calendar Girls” keeps that vibe going. Y-O and Thurzday proceed to bend bars regarding many a fine female through the days of the week. My favorite track tho, easily is “Black Sky”. Not just for the message and the reflection on life but just how the music plays out. It’s one of those joints you can throw the headphones on and close your eyes get lost in that shit. “The future is the real pussy that you’re fucking”…serious line right there.

I already know what U-N-I bring to the table…lyrics, concepts, fun, intelligence, mic skills, authenticity…do I need to continue? This project right here was an all around team effort and that extends to the production of Ro Blvd. It’s all slick ass production, seriously melodic sounds with neck snapping drums, snares and everything else that goes into the mix. Talk about MCs and producer being on the same page, this is that personified. Shout to Ro Blvd, your work is appreciated. Blatant promo aside, head over here, listen or cough up your email address and you get the album download for free, discover some great ass music and let’s hope they put those emails to good use and build that fan base.