Uncle Murda – Summer Time Shootouts

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“This that gotta stay strapped music”…hell yea it is. I remember the first Uncle Murda and Green Lantern mixtape that dropped. I went in on the review harsh. Back then tho I didn’t think UM had what it took to be honest. His bars were ultra violent but to the point where it was not believable. We like to deal with real life over here and that shit was 80% fictitious, to me anyway. He stayed consistent tho, bars got better and he perfected his craft. I can’t hate on that and his content is more consistently authentic too.

That D.O.A shit was hard body, one of the best mixtape flips of that beat to date. The flow is much improved if you ask me while listening to “Make A Movie”. He’s got that conversational shit down to a T. As far as the mixtape music goes tho “Bitch Ass Ni99as” is the anthem of the summer. That hook is classic and with lines like “ni99as got 8-balls thinking they hustlers…” you can’t go wrong. “I Smell Like Money” rides in that same lane while Uncle Murda takes shots at the old heads. I wasn’t even mad at the RnB hook either. “Directors Cut” sounds like Premo on the beat, I must be buggin’ but Busta said some shit on this one too. My track tho is “New Generation”, that’s when beat and concept come together for some potent bars that speaks truth. The bass on “Bang Bang Shot Dead” had my rear view trembling like a fiend, I’m fucking with that track on some sleeper shit. Fuck around it might even be the hardest track on the whole mixtape.

Dead ass real this project reminds me of NY hip hop from 1997. That same vibe…that hustlin g’d up, still rocking a leather with a .25 in your timbs music. In the 2009 hip hop landscape of MCs trying to be different and spaced out emotionally there’s nothing like some proper gangsta music to remind you why you fuck with the music in the first place.