Voices Of The Streetz, Miami Kaos & DJ Simon Sez – Trading Places

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It’s time to get our blend on people. VOS and Simon Sez back to bless the blend less fans of 2007. Cats know I despise Lil Wayne….but a good blend is a good blend. You can blend the sound of me taking a healthy shit after some late nite Taco Bell with some dope beats and if it sounds good it just sounds good. Let’s see Lil Wayne and me taking a healthy shit….hmmm one in the same!! Seriously tho, I’ll let Wayne live thru the rest of this review.

Now on to the music. For the slow cats this is a blend CD where Lil Wayne is blended with that east coast music and 50 Cent is blended with that down south. “Dope Man” got Lil Wayne sounding comfortable on some east coast shit. Now you know I don’t usually fuck with Wayne but the “Automatic Weezy” blend is funky like dirty sock and corn chips. VOS flipped this joint type lovely. I say lovely cause Robin Thicke was on this joint and the skills were breathing heavy on this one. The two beat blend Simon Sez laced on “Kneck Of The Woods” is that classic blend CD music. Tear open a dutch and do what it do off this one. I don’t care what you blend with “I Go By The Name” that shit is just a wack track with a wack flow. Shit was redeemed on “The Boy got Dollars”…classic beats will get you over everytime man. Let’s see how they do with 50. I haven’t heard the beat for “Ha” in a minute but Simon Sez pulled it off on “21 Questions”. I’m diggin’ on VOS chops a part of the verse and flips it to make another track…def a unique blend formula and it holds your ear. Case in point…”Coming Out Your Stereo”. The blend is hard body and the cuts are on point. With 50 Cent using that down south flow he does so much Simon Sez captures the essence of that shit with joints like “Get In My Car”. Bout the only blend that was a hard listen was “Clock Work Wanksta”…I can’t stand that “Clock Work” beat and on top of that you got “Wanksta” which by itself would have sounded better.

Cats def pulled off the concept well. I think Lil Wayne section actually was actually better blend for blend. Let’s be honest 50 Cent on the decline and a blend can’t save him…only brand new mixtape music. Wayne on the other hand sounds better blended to me. He still has some far out, wack ass, no sense making bars. Couple reasons why I fuck with this CD…DJs letting the skills breathe proper like, the execution of the whole thing was done well, and you got some memorable cuts that cats will undoubtedly be bumpin’ for a minute and some change.