Walshy Killa – B.O.L.O Part 2

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Be on the look out mutha fucka’s, Walshy Killa is coming to eat your food. What ya’ll know about Garcia? He’s steady grindin’, I know ya’ll get those emails. He’s hosting part two which is a good look for the 305. For all you extra slow cats let me remind ya’ll again, BOLO means be on the look out, so Walshy Killa is hitting you with those MCs you need to be checking for.

“Imma D Boy” is Wayne at his finest or whoever wrote the rhyme for that matter, (j/k). I wasn’t really diggin’ the hook but that beat is classic. On some true mixtape shit, Garcia catches wreck on “Mr. Fuck You”. Good to hear from Dirtbag again, fucking labels man they kill it sometimes. Peep Dre on this joint too, he’s the sleeper MC of the whole CD. “Imma Get Money Money” with Yola on the hook is my shit. If you remember I had this on the Rapmullet IPod no to long ago. David Banner got mad energy with his flow people, how can you not get amped up. Plus this track will have your rear view mirror doing the Harlem shake. Plies numerous interview comments aside, “Bid Long” is a deep track, I’m gonna be checking for him in the future.

Props to Walshy Killa for playing good music and reppin’ for Garcia on the come up. Just keeping it all the way 100, a lot of the tracks wasn’t as exclusive as Walshy was making em out to be. I’m not taking nothing away from him on that tip cause cats is in different parts of the country/world ect plus I hear so many mixtapes every week I can’t help to hear damn near everything out. Be on the look out for part 3 (pun), I wanna see who Walshy gonna bring to the forefront next time.