Walshy Killa – The Miami Memorial Mixtape

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Good to hear a new Walshy Killa mixtape. If you don’t know about dude, you need to open your ears. The skills are proper. Shifta is hosting and Khaled is hosting and doing exactly what he does best. Cats are coming out of MIAMI so expect the music to be from that area too.

I’m listening to “Out Here” and I gotta say Ace Hood did his thing, def need to be checking for that cat. After hearing “Do It” by Shifta and “In Da Ayer” by Flo-rida you know this is some party shit. I can dig it tho, you need feel good music in your life. Cats are o-d’ing on the voice coder thing now. You got Kanye on “Put On”…which wasn’t all that bad and then you got Birdman on the “Foolish” remix. Jim Jones shit out a verse on this too….horrible. I have to laugh at Fat Joe on “Ain’t Saying Nothing”. I give him credit tho…he’s trying like a champ to win. God bless him. The best track up on here was the “Love In Da Club” remix with Shifta. You can hear the ladies going nuts over this joint. While we talking about remixs; that “4 Minutes” remix is crazy…Flo-rida, Justin Timberlake, Maddona and Timberland. Shit sounds as big as it looks too. I can’t see bumping this track by it’s lonely but in the mix, it’s fly as hell. Then when “Everyone Nose” remix drops the party should be open. I fuck with that song tho and Pusha T murders that beat. I don’t mess with “Lollipop” too tough but Shifta did his thing on the reggae remix, props to that man. I’m telling you Ace Hood got some music. “Cash Flow” is catchy as hell and he can rhyme. “Look Back At Me” is a trip. Trina tying to fuck cats noses and shit.

This is that party joint for real. Walshy Killa on the mix like a pro, he makes you listen to some shit you normally wouldn’t listen too…well at least me anyway. That’s what a DJ should be doing and bringing to the table every time, they drop a mixtape. I keep telling you if the shit is “mixed” it makes the music sound that much better. You would think cats would learn that by now but no. Shifta got his shine on too so they killed multiple birds with this one mixtape. Now that’s how you do it.