Whoo Kid & 50 Cent – Elephant In The Sand

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Damn, with everything that’s going on at Mixtapekings and our (Big Chew and myself) other ventures, I’ve been so pressed for time, that I’ve neglected my responsibilities at the Mullet. Well, that shits over and I’m back to claim what’s mine. My bad Chew…lol. I ain’t got time to bullshit, so lets go in!

What the hell was the “Rat Joe Skit” supposed to prove? I missed the logic on that one or maybe I’m just not “hood” enough to understand that shit. As a matter fact, it’s straight “wack juice” to have 3 fucking skits on a mixtape with 9 real joints. That math just doesn’t compute. I would have liked to see Mike Epps get a skit instead of a drop. He was hilarious, but his drop would have gone perfectly as an interlude for “I Fucked Your Bitch!”. It was ill placed, but other than that, this is the rebirth of the Unit.

“Hollow Thru Him” jacked the fuck out of that Red café sample from “Krush Groove” and made it an anthem. I wasn’t crazy about the chorus to “I’m On It Like That”, but if that beat don’t make you want to “kick a bitch in the twizat”, I don’t know what will. “I’m on it like that/I’m living like that/…pussy fat nigga fuckin’ wit me”, just isn’t what I expected after all the witty wordplay and boasting that went on in the first verse.

“Confrontation” is a warning shot to all those who thought 50 forgot why we enjoyed the G Unit mixtapes so much. “Sunroof Open” is gangsta music at it‘s best…“Nigga fuck Ed Hardy/buy a fifth with a clip” is the reason we loved the Unit and although they’ve been saying it since day one, the last couple of outings, the swagger was absent. “I Fucked Your Girl” is by far my favorite joint. I can honestly say I rocked that shit on repeat for a whole trip up the west side. I wish there would have been more rhyming and less harmonizing, but regardless every nigga listening to that track is singing that track thinking about fucking some dude’s chick who they don’t like.

Okay, niggas want to know how I handle the mixtape rankings, well here’s a breakdown:

1. Exclusive Music – 1
2. Transitions – 1 (better than most exclusive joints)
3. Length – 0 (this mixtape only had 9 fucking tracks)
4. Quality of Music – 1 (the tracks were crazy)

I really want to give this mixtape 3 tapes homie, but this shit had 9 songs on it. I don’t give a fuck how hot the music is (and the shit is flames), I just can’t give “Elephant In The Sand” 3 tapes in good conscious. I go too far back with mixtapes for that! 2.5