Whoo Kid / DJ Drama / DJ Skee – Snoop Dogg: Tha Blue Carpet Treatment Mixtape

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No lie its been a minute since I was bumping Snoop like that. Back when “Doggy Style” dropped I had the tape up in my ride constantly but since then its been sporadic at best for Snoop getting burn like that with me. He got Skee, Drama and the platinum button pusher himself Whoo Kid holding him down. One thing Snoop never lacked was style on the MIC so my expectations are high and I want that west coast Mac music, that shit to make you wanna slap a few hoes, smoke a little weed and just get nice. Can you dig it? I knew you could.

Let me tell you, and with out question, that “Wannabes ” is MY SHIT. I can’t even tell you how many times I listened to this joint and Drama or Ski brought that shit back at least one time. “LAX” got that little bit of funk to it man. Ice Cube laced that shit with a little of that old “AK47 is the tool” type flow. I don’t know who produced “California Vacation” but they did a hell of a job; those piano keys were killing it behind the beat. Snoop sounds like a new man, no lie. I don’t know if dude is hungry but he at least sounds thirsty. “Real Shit” is self explanatory; like I said above Snoop sounds thirsty and it show in the rhymes plus he called Swartzeneger a bitch too. You don’t get much of it but “L.A. Zoo ” is something special too. Who ever is picking Snoops beats needs a raise, a pound of weed and a fat as hoe to service that man. If there was a section of the CD I wasn’t fucking with it was “Crazy” thru “Got My Own”. Not really trying to hear Nate Dogg get vocal with it and Swizz o-d’d on the synth and hook like a juiced up auctioneer. “Hollywood” was that mixtape shit de juor; pass the mutha fucking Grey Pupon please!

I don’t really know how many of these joints are on the album, nor do I care cause I haven’t heard that shit yet. Is this a case of the mixtape being better than the album…..you know how that story ends. Just off Snoops flow alone you can tell ol boy is rejuvenated and bringing his A game. If the beats are proper the album will be proper just like this here mixtape. As for the DJs, Skee doing what he do and so does Drama. Whoo Kid called it in from Denmark (press button…now), can’t hate on getting that tho. Put one in the air for Snoop people he laced this shit.