Whoo Kid – G-Unit Radio 25

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So long G-Unit Radio mixtape series. It’s been real…most of the time. I had someone ask me how I felt about this mixtape series ending being a sign of the death of mixtapes. “Are you fucking serious”, I said. Mixtapes aren’t going anywhere man. You know who (pun) is dead tho? The “exclusive” mixtape DJ is dead. I called it back at the end of 2005 with the death of the exclusive track and now in 2007 the exclusive DJ is dead. Think I’m lying? You’re favorite “exclusive” mixtape DJ knows it’s true. They would never tell you that their #’s are way down cause they all lie but best believe their #’s are at all time lows. Compilation jockeys people, that’s who you got now. It’s like when all these cats are saying the record companies need to follow a new business model the same holds true for the “exclusive” DJs…you need a new model! The internet leveled the playing field and if you don’t adapt you will be slagin’ burritos at Jesus Taco in no time.

On to the music. Honestly the best thing about this mixtape is the skits. Cats got a sense of humor and it shows. That T-Pain intro is classic. If I don’t hear “I Get Money” ever again it will be too soon. I’d rather fuck a fat bitch on her period then listen to this shit. Where was Chris Rock on the “So Serious” UK remix? 50’s english accent is gay like him in that picture holding dildo’s with a smile. “Family Matters” was dope. This is that flow that seems to escape 50 on his last two albums. “Coke Life” got me open tho. This a heavy rewind track so don’t front; Banks eat them all alive. There is a reason why the original version of “Officer Down” didn’t get put out there “originally”…its wack. The two best songs 50 and G Unit put out this year…”I’m On Some Shit” and “Smile”. If his album resembled these two tracks at all he would have been O-K.

Is this mixtape special…no. Is it average…yea in some spots but it’s still cop-able. Dickshitman needs to put out solo joint I think. Now that I think of it, good riddens to the G-Unit Radio series. Maybe now 50 Cent will get back on that “No Mercy No Fear”, “God’s Plan”, “50 Cent Is The Future”, Automatic Gunfire” type shit. Wishful thinking but hey you never know. Fuck it, Banks just needs to drop some new shit and feed the god damn steets already!