Whoo Kid & Lloyd Banks – 4/30/09: Happy Birthday

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See what happens when Banks decides to get some well needed features from MCs outside of G-Unit? The buzz is crazy around this mixtape right now..at least on the east. I’ve heard it bumpin’ in countless cars this week like it was the radio. Banks might not have a “deal” but best believe he’s made enough money touring to live good the rest of his life. You know he’ll drop again tho and maybe it will be direct to the fans, fuck a deal. You don’t think Banks being completely independent is a good thing? You’re a moron.

I didn’t like “Real Recognize Real” at first. The more I listened tho the more I dug it. That hook got me open for sure. Jay Rock out there getting his features up coast to coast, it’s what you gotta do these day people. The joint with Uncle Murda was hard too. “My Way Or Nothing” is a way of life. Murda said:” that’s word to the brick in my crib…”classic. Def found the hook for “Me and My Strap” annoying tho. That’s borderline nursery rhyme shit. “Little Bo Peep, lost her sheep…me and my strap, me and my strap.”. Hahaha. “Luv Witch Ya Boy” is the shit..without Ron Browz on there tho. Banks with the seamless word play on that joint. I know that isn’t Whoo Kid bringing back “Not Quite Right”. They must of invented a button that “brings it back” cause he’s the supreme button pusher with the turntable skills of Helen Keller. As much as I hate to admit it, “I’ll be Back” was my favorite joint on both CDs. That hook infected me for some reason, catchy like swine flu in a Russian bath house. Disc 1 def murdered Disc 2 IMO. “Hottest In the Hood” remix was dope and “Mind On Murda” got some rewind too.

If you’re a fan of the east you already own this mixtape, simple as that. Banks stays with slick bars and catchy hooks. He’s hit or miss throughout this double CD tho. I could have chopped this down to one CD and it would have been a classic. I hope the Banks mixtape grind continues cause that’s where he’s at his best.