Wicked & Big Mike – Code of the Streets Pt. 3

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WICKED out of Connecticut aka “THE FIRST PAPOOSE” to make a long story short was the ANIMAL to KAY SLAY’S “HAWK” (that’s some wrestling shit). Then PAPOOSE emerged as KAY SLAY’S man in the streets and the rest as they say is rule # 4070 (mixtape business is shady). Things have calmed in the relationship between the STREETS SWEEPERS and WICKED, but that hasn’t stopped dude from dropping shit with the kid from hometown BIG MIKE.

WICKED isn’t the greatest lyricist. So it isn’t his word play that impresses me. He gets by with his enthusiasm, and his emphasis. He makes it a point to accentuate his punch lines. That’s a gift and a curse, because there are times when he puts emphasis on lines that don’t deserve the spot light. “CODE OF THE STREETS” featuring GOLDIE (if you don’t know, rent the fucking movie) with the guitar riffs didn’t seem like mixtape material, but M.O.P made a career out of that type of shit, so it was a good look. It also was one of the higher quality tracks. “POP DA TRUNK” is some shit my man CHEW would ride around to. If it ain’t about that gangsta shit, it gets no play on his pod. “THE TARGET” was my shit. Using the ROLLING STONES was adventurous and it actually worked!

The production was average to me. I think that held “CODE OF THE STREETS 3” back. I’d love to here what WICKED sounds like with top notch production and MIKE doing more than directing the release. I’m going to say this even though people usually hate it, but you have to mix the original production with the beats that cats know! If not, you’re mixtape becomes fast forward material. You may move mad units in your home market, but when people don’t know of you and you continuously hit them over the head with music they haven’t heard, all they have to latch on to are the lyrics and we all know that lyrics aren’t the driving force in Hip Hop (damn I miss that). “CODE OF THE STREETS 3” isn’t WICKED’S greatest effort, but it was far from the worst!