Will Blast & Truly Odd – GWF “The Best At This Shit”

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The west coast people, you need some west in your life right now. I’ve never heard a Will Blast CD so this is a first. I had the pleasure of hearing Truly Odd about a year or so ago with some bangin’ ass freestyles filling up a whole CD. The title says they the best at this shit so let’s see if it’s true.

I’m diggin’ Ice Cubes latest ablum, straight up the joint is on point. But I gotta be honest man, I’m not really diggin’ Snoop like that man. His flow ain’t been the same in years man, just call me a hater but that shit is true. I can fuck with “Cali Is Active” too, and Snoop was aight on the hook I guess. The MC that shined the brightest on the CD hands down is Mitchy Slick. “Mitchy Slick” got a powerful feel to it, shit just sounds big. My favorite shit was “I Know”. The beats he got behind him sound like major motion picture scores man, shit is trendsetting type music. I can’t front on Krondon either, “Standing Right Here” was tight; that hook was a little weak though. This is the second time I heard “On Some Real Shit” in the last couple mixtapes I got and I’m bout to cop some new Daz just off this one song; shit is that smooth.

The CD is solid man. I’ve had it up in the ride for like three days now. Are Will Blast and Truly Odd the best at this shit? I can’t call it off one CD family. I will tell you that Will Blast got a mean mic game and kept the CD flowing and the skills were tight, Truly Odd keeping it on some classic mixtape shit. We don’t get a lot of west coast mixtapes but this CD right here more than satisfies that west coast fix. Catch ya’ll on the next one.