Willie The Kid – The Fly

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This project has been in the makings for a minute. It did turn out fly tho. (pun) I don’t know how many of you fuck with MCs who can actually rhyme or for that matter bend bars and words with the best of them but that’s WTK…and you should be fuckin’ with him.

This mixtape is what you call “attention to detail”. DJ Head Debiase was proper with the bring backs, highlighting the bars that need to be highlighted. DJ Drama talked that shit like he does on the hosting tip. The rest is WTK with well calculated lyrics and a lesson in how to used words to your advantage. Lyrical rap pioneers would be proud. We live in a time when the most basic mundane words are “rhymed” (word used loosely) together and really don’t say anything. WTK knows the english language well, it’s evident.

I love that he finds ways to double up words with different meanings back to back. I love the fact he can balance that “fly” shit with some life lessons, some rare jewels in songs. Peep “Flying Over Ya Hood” to see what I mean. Or peep “Flight School” to hear how to take a concept and get descriptive as hell with straight metaphors. Then peep “Global Warming” or “Life Of A Drug Dealer” for that mixtape music over classic beats. Willie said “grindin’ like swamp thing” lol. Word play people, it’s crazy.

One thing you always can count on when it’s a Drama/Aphillates artist mixtape is that the beats used are more than proper. That’s what you call having an ear for music.

I fuck with La The Darkman, one of my favorite MCs that keeps it 100 with every bar, but I’m glad he didn’t feature too much on here. Time to let Willie shine on his own and he most def does.

I don’t like the obvious cross over attempts tho. Those tracks forced to get the females on board. It’s not needed IMHO but fuck it if “Take Flight” needs to be made it needs to be made.

The real is that the bars are exquisite, the word play top notch, (some of the best shit you will hear from any MC), the beats keep you in a neck brace and the shit was a lil too long. Give me the 10 best joints up on here minus the fluff and it’s a classic…as is tho, its bangin’ like a Ron G tape.