Wiz Hoffa / King Smij / DJ Chuck T – I’m Dat Dude PT. 1

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This is how I wanna hear my unsigned MCs. I gotta be honest with ya’ll, I got so many unknown MC mixtapes it’s ridiculous and it’s slowing my mixtape review flow down something fierce. Time to cut losses and get my review swashbuckle back. I got a couple unsigned MC mixtape reviews coming soon but after that it’s gonna be a struggle in the street for ya’ll and you will have to be down with a CD like this to get some shine. Like I said about the first jump off with the ladies, this is the new format for MCs to get exposure and if Wiz and Noizemob have anything to do with it this will be one of the staples for the music industry. It’s short, to the point and easy to find what you’re looking for. With that said I made a decision not to give the “I’m Dat Dude/Bitch” series an actual tape rating anymore. This mixtape is more of a showcase and as the series grows the quality of each and every MC will as well and you can’t capture that in a rating. Hate it or love it, it is what it is and truth be told “fuck a tape rating”, it’s all about the review. Ya dig?

Something I see coming in the future with MCs is that they have to be believable. The fact is MCs don’t go around murdering people or robbing people every day and they don’t all sell drugs and push exotic cars with 30g’s in their pocket. You can tell Wiz recognizes this too by the artist featured on this installment. Remo Da Rapstar been doing it for a minute and should be setting off more mixtapes from now on in that top spot. Just listen to his freestyle and you can hear the realness. Too many jewels in this rhyme, “your success inspires my grind” gotta be one of the best lines I heard in a minute. Too much jealously and envy in the game right now. Kayos The Future on “We Bout Dollarz” is putting it all together. You can hear the progression from that mixtape he dropped a while back. His confidence is stronger and has more of a presence on the MIC. The Pack was cool, I think they used the wrong beat. It didn’t really compliment they style; their voices didn’t stand out and seemed buried on the beat. One listen to Esso an you know he’s from Harlem. The flows are flashy and fly much Versace swashbuckle. Twizted Mind really truly got it in on the MIC. Just raw rhyming with some sharp ass lines, “never try to chef it if you don’t have the recipe.” His man Dame Ghandi did his thing too. I’ve been following Brick Saavy for a minute. He’s got a unique voice along with a penchant for making you think on the rhyme and his flow is starting to come around. The sleeper MC of the CD is Haze on “Bad Man”. For one, that beat is tight, minus that high vocal sample and hook, but Haze sounds focused on the MIC. DJs stop sleeping on Haze.

There’s a lot of talent to watch on this installment. Look for Remo to take it to the next level real soon. He has the complete package right now. Same with Twizted Mind, that cat sounds like he’s about to release a plague on the game. Kayos, Brick Saavy, Esso, Young Ghats and Haze round out my favorites. Not that the other cats don’t have skill I just think they lacked a distinctive sound to separate them from the rest of the MCs. If you think you’re DAT DUDE, get at Wiz and Noizemob (518-330-8601) ….and get heard!