Wiz Khalifa – Grow Season

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Welcome Wiz Khalifa to the Rapmullet review section. I’ve heard joints from him here and there and I peeped his latest video which was dope but overall I don’t know much about dude except that he’s gets hella press, the word of mouth is strong like bull and from the tracks I have heard…he can rhyme. The press is a credit to his team and Rostrum Records…other MCs and their respective teams need to peep how it’s done. Green Lantern is hosting which is a great thing seeing as he knows how to put an artist mixtape together the right way AKA skills, balance between original and mixtape material, and quality shit talking. Plus I don’t see Green co-signing some bullshit no matter the size of the pay check. My question for Green is…how long does the invasion last and the real takeover begins?

“Ya Mean” is a good jump off, shit grabs your attention and the delivery is something serious, Green on the cuts highlighting the music like a quality DJ should. The vibe of “When They See Me” starts out crazy, I though he was about to get deep but it turns into a hater anthem of sorts. The joint “Talk To Me” was fly with that T-Pain sample; easily the most well rounded track on the mixtape. “Lifted” of course is the smokers anthem…a decent mixtape track. The “Grammy Family” flip was some next level shit flow wise, if you don’t nod you’re head to this you must have Clay Aiken in your Ipod. The beat for “Told Ya’ll” annoys the fuck outta me but I give credit where its do and Wiz Khalifa added his own style to that shit and made it his. You get to hear a lil versatility with “Young Boy Fresh” as far as him flowing on any type of beat…he’s got a universal delivery which makes him a problem in any region? The best mixtape flip by far was “Grow”. When Mr. 412 shifts gears with the BPM’s and a lil lighter inflection in his voice you can hear the cross-over appeal ooze out the speakers.

I’m still trying to figure out the title to the mixtape tho…”Grow Season”. Is Wiz Khalifa “growing” as an artist on this mixtape? Is he growing mad weed in his closet? Is it both? Lol No lie he’s got one of the best deliveries on the MIC I’ve heard all year. The flow is not a problem either. If I have one complaint its the subject matter. Cigarillo’s, weed, money, being the best and haters is pretty much all you get on here. At some point cats gotta get that realness, that ill story, that heart on ya sleeve music. This mixtape itself had great balance between the original joints and the mixtape joints. Plus it did what it was supposed to do and fed the streets. Maybe the lack of subject matter was on purpose, just to give you something to “grow” on.