Wordsmith – The Revolution Begins With A Takeover Vol. 1

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Shout to the good people over at HipHopDX doing what they do and co-signing Wordsmith. Furious Styles is on the mix and you know how he gets down with his; especially when it comes to supporting those artist who aren’t in the mainstream. I don’t know many cats who listen to good music that don’t know of Wordsmith already so we’re just gonna get into this review already.

The horns from “Hip Hop In The Headlines” had me open. Demo on the beat and Wordsmith flowing on it like he was born to do it. One thing I know about Wordsmith is he’s versatile on the MIC; that includes the content and the flow. “Corrupt Justice” and ‘Grudge of a Madman” bring that story telling element to the table; def an element that MCs lack in 2008. If you ever questioned his MIC skills just peep “Legion of the Lyricists 2″…that spitfire music right to your soul. My favorite joint on the whole CD was “Big Boy Romp”. Title sounds kind of corny but the feel good vibe is real; a little highway music for the masses. I’m listening to “Cobra Clutch” and the word play is intricate as hell. “tittie tight, tickle touch…” lol Wordsmith freaking that lyrical alliteration. “Soul Of the Muzik 3” has that bounce and rapid flow not to mention flat out raw energy.

A couple things are evident after listening to this project. Wordsmith is and will always just do him on the MIC; def a refreshing thing in today’s game. When he gets on a beat by Strada the shit really pops off. I think these two have that chemistry to take them to the next level. Wordsmith has been doing this for a minute, shit is paying off literally and figuratively and whether he knows it or not he is laying down that blue print for future MCs to follow in this new world of hip hop in 2008.