Young Tef – Super Sayings

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Shout to Big Mike and DJ Diggz for doing what they do for the unsigned artist out there. Kaos laced the cover too. For those that don’t know Young Tef is 1/2 of the Chozen Few along with Snub Hollow. They reppin’ Jersey to the fullest and Tef’s bars will keep you ingrained in the concrete.

Energy, energy, energy that’s what “Still I Rise” is all about. Punch line heavy with a focus on that paper. My anthem is “Dolo” tho. He said “I been doing this before Drake was in that wheel chair” hahaha, my ex used to watch that bullshit show and honestly that’s how I always picture Drake. Snub Hollow represented on “Shooters On Deck”, that beat knocks too. I was looking for a proper mixtape flip and found it on “Exhibit G”. Yea that beat been used to death but the bars were straight murder which is what that beat calls for. “One clean sniff of this shit will leave you Len Bias”, that’s cold and I dig it.

You know what describes this project perfectly? Live Wire Music. That’s what this mixtape is, it’s live wire music. Tef a live wire on the MIC no way around it. You could also call it punch you in your throat music if you wanted to either way Tef left a crater in the pavement. I still don’t know what a super saying is tho, lol